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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

good game

Make some of the colours more neutral though, it hurt my eyes and in battle it is impossible to read what is in the bottom left hand corner

space marines?

why was there a space marine in there?

Benspyda responds:

Something random


Ok, I see LOTS of potential here, I mean a HUGE amount of programming skill, I just see some flaws, which are pretty easy to solve, at least in my opinion, so here they are, some tips to you.

You need to improve the artwork and animation stuff. A lot. This game would get top scores if the graphics were improved. Haven't you thought about improving your drawing skills, or, if you feel too lazy or unable to improve that, get an experienced artist? Seriously, there is a big lack of art here, and it's a pity this couldn't make to the top 50,or simply get better scores, just because of that, a better design. It's not THAT BAD, but there is room for improvement.

Also, background music in the cities, that would help a lot, and getting some other music for fights, appart from the one you used, which is not bad, anyway. But some variety would be appreciated.

Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this! The programming is great, and the game is complete and entretaining, I just think it's not very visually attractive after a while. But you'll think about it, right? :P

Well, I must say, overall great work! Looking foward more!

Benspyda responds:

yes the next will have much needed improved graphics

Seems Awesome

This is very well made, no offense but it's too bad the drawing isn't just as great. But other than that, amazing scripting, very well put together. I just wish i had more time to play it. I'd love to learn from you.

Benspyda responds:

Yea the drawing will be improved in the next one. I am going to completely start from stratch and out alot of effort into the graphics

Amazingly good ^_^

This game is really awesome... And addictive :P.

First I thought it was easy, but the difficulty is well made =)

Great job man ^^.

Benspyda responds: