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Reviews for "LethalRpgWar 2"

Great game!

I thought the game ruled, although i think instead of buying improvements for weapons and armour you could choose what armour and weapons to buy with pictures of them.

anyway gr8 game!!


nice,beat it to where the quests start over....have SPace marine(50000 gold)baby dragon(50000) and god lvl 3.decent qork,make more....i think even though the graphics are terrible(no offence)that leaves a lot of room for other stuff.which you do.make more!

BTW:God level 3 Password (Doesn't give you gold or items,enter password in the main door(castle),they'll have a icon "password")*YES USE CAPS FOR THIS* ARCH

im a GEEK ^^

God lvl 6
167889 $
1890 magic
baby dragon
Class: Knight

It's Wonderful!


Name - Kaldim

Exp - 1168819

Magic - 1652

Money - 108166

Level - Ultimate God

Ability - 304

Pet - Cat ^^

Race - Human

Password - ARCH

In the game after you get Ultimate God and finish the game the level indecator out side of battle will say god level 9. There was one major disapointment to me, and that was that the Hades Horsewas Stupid easy... I one hit him with Summon Beast. And Whats with me not being able to use Ultimate after I finish the game? All and all this was a great game and kept me occupied for hours, next time include more attack animations, spells and differnet types of armor and weapon. I would pay for the game if you did those improvements



My stats...

Name: Jim
Hp: 845000
Exp: 456986 and this is just ATM
Lvl: God Lvl 6
Magic: 9074
Money: 205984