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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""

Astounding....and definitely simply unbelievable!

Well...first off...its a mario sprite flash so thats already a 5+ for you :D. Secondly the use of voices which were incredibly mario-charactered ressembling just boosted that to a 7 (Especially Princess peach's voice.....so princess-like). The whole idea was excellently crafted into a flash film; as it simply fell into place so smoothly, definitely boosts it to a 9. But the wario and waluigi scene....wow....your now at 10.

Although it seemed as though you rushed the ending of this flash since the wart-mario fight was extremely short and deceived me...i have to say this is a bulletproof flash film. This is definitely entering my favourites....

I hope to see more from you.....

Funny shit

That was freakin hilarious. The Wario part was the best, but I ROFL'd when Luigi thought the princess had been kidnapped again, and he was like, "GOD DAMN, we never gett a freakin break" XD. Nice job. You should make a sequel.

great flash

Hahahaha, that was the funniest stuff ever.....esp, the scene with wario......genious.

That was awesome

It was a very original idea, something you don't see too often in these kinds of movies. Probably the BEST Mario spoofs I've ever seen, considering you gave everyone a voice, and a GOOD one at that. And the script just rocked ^^
GREAT movie. Make more!!!

Good movie.

Great flash.....buuuuuut....."spaghetti?"