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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


Well, I'm thinking you got some ideas from the VGDC parody Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom, but that's my opinion. Well, besides that, good humor, Mario is now proclaimed retarded on this parody now! lol!

Well, If you could make another one, I'm sure we'd like it. I'd like to see what happens to Mouser and Wart if they get revenge!


That voices sounded just like the real thing, impressive!!

It was so great I don't know where to begin....

So Ill just start with the sound.

Sound 10/10
The voice overs were perfect pure and simple, and I like the Music you used in the forest. You don't hear much from Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 stars, but I liked it.

Violence 4/10
It only got such a low score because there are only 2 fights in it, but what there was is very cool. Nice and smooth :)

Graphics 7/10
Its a sprite movie, and I love sprite movies but its not groundbreaking. You did however use the sprites very well, the background, foreground, and people blended nicely.

Style/Humor 10/10
I am rateing them together because it was stylish humor.
I had know idea that peach was so.... freaky, and don't even get me started on wario and scarecrow. Thats just not right.... but it was funny.

In closeing I give this sprite movie a 10 out of 10, and beg you for more of your wonderful sprite movies. You have my 5 friend, and I wish you the best of luck with the sadly underated art that is the sprite movie.

the only 10 ive ever given

this is fantastic. i am impressed with how you took everything mario and went with it, even tho you just made a farse of the whole series. good writing to say the least. very well put together and all around funny. kudos.

dude you rock

Dude i laughed my ass off that flash rocked. U had nice sprites good voice acting and sfx violence was nice but the battle seen in the end was kinda short. i like how u had scene select but u shoulda had some extras. u shocked me with wario and the whole dancin part. solid 10 for me