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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""


Is that music from a movie or something?
I'd love to have that intro theme playing during the titles and stuff, anyone know what it is?
Help would be appreciated :)

Sweet like a mushroom

when I saw the picture i thought it was goin to be about indiana Jones but boy was I wrong, the sound was great and it was the greatest thing sence Mushroom Kingdom, great job and keep up the good work, and make more stuff

Super Mario Brothers with Family Guy flavor.

This was a absolutely fantastic piece of flash animation. Sprite art can at time limit the artists ability in the creation process and this hasn't seemed to limit you much at all. Also, that was the best voice acting in a Mario remake that I have ever heard. Grade A Job. Make More. Do it now. Quit your job/school and make more of these.

Stellar Work

The voice acting was great. The humor was awesome. And your sprite work was phenomemal. The only weak point was in the story - it didn't really go anywhere, but since it was such a grand parody, I guess it didn't need to.


That was an awesome sprite movie, the voice-overs were perfect, and the plot well thought out. The baby part ws hilarious, and I like how you made Mario act like an idiot at times! Keep up the good work!