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Reviews for ""The Golden Mushroom""

ok heres whats good

that fag before me is a complete hypocritical moron. the kid makes fun that you indeed created an amazing mario sprite flash and has the nerve to coment that you used sprite while he has a movie label dbz sonic gayness or something, dont let the fags get you down, youve got skillz and they all jealous. BTW TOM fudgepackerclock is posting webtsites on his comments.




Great Production Values

From voice work to animation quality, this was a well put together piece. The voice actors all had distinct, quality sounding voices, and didn't sound all too forced. The graphics... well they're sprites, so what can we really say about sprites? Not much, but I'm not saying I don't like sprite movies... just, they're sprites. The writing, it was pretty good and kept you entertained. Anyway, it was a great movie, and I have it favorited both author and submission style.

My personal favorite was when Mario is running and just "La-la-ing" the Mario background music.

Suggestion: With a movie of this length, it would be good to have a DVD-esque interface. You know, pause, play at least. Even though I can right click... anyway... Great movie!

Its'a me, Mario!

Loved it. The voices were perfect. Overall it was great. Nuff said.


hha its good but u need a pause button & rewind ect...