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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"

Nice series

But why stop at 8 episodes? Mario had to fight all the kids again in the next game, bowser hasn't died in his 20 years of getting his ass kicked, wart hasn't even been mentioned, and what about that guy from super mario rpg? Trust me, you have enough material for at least 20 episodes if you feel like it.

Just add some losing battles like that one guy suggested and go easy on the cliche phrases. I but I still voted 5

This was great

The concept was new and cool. I liked that combination of a video game sprite movie mixed with a full orchestra. It made it more enjoyable to watch. My only critism is that because it was so long, it made it a little hard to concentrate on everything that was going on. I watch it a few times every now and then, and I seem to hit the scene select a lot throughout one view. But, overall, it was great, keep up the good work.

It's a bit tricky to identify all the episodes

Great job as usual. Though should Ludwig really have destroyed his own airship to destroy Brunk? I thought he'd have more technique than that.

As for the list of episodes, this is what I got:

1:Grassland Blitzkrieg
2:The Desert Faux
3:Sea Side Slaughter
5:Enemies In The Sky
6:The White War
7:Pipeline Labyrinth
8:(In Progress)

Kick ass.

I actually saw the whole thing without moving from my seat. Ludwig von Koopa is also my favorite boss from Super Mario Bros. 3. Excellent job Brunk. Good luck making the final episode.

*whew* Awesome Series

Definetly an original idea of the whole series, I like it. I've seen all of the other episodes and hope to see the 8th episode soon enough. Granted, that various elements of the entire series could use some more work in terms of graphics, story scripts, and sounds, your work has almost inspired me to think about making a war campaign flash series based on SMB myself. So far, I've only downloaded 16 bit sprites and background sheets, but haven't made the move to actually start making a flash series. But if I did, I'd would want to make it because your work inspired me, and not because I was trying to be a copycat.

When it comes to custom sprites, I think most people don't appreciate the efforts that goes into spriting, especially customized sheets. Yes, it is true that sprite images offers some advantage over drawn ones that may appear to be easy way out, but actual work behind them.

In anycase, if I ever do decide to do a series like that, I'd know who to credit it for. (Feeling a bit of green envy that you came up with this idea first LOL :P )