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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"


It's so simply as boring and cheesy. Didn't like it, didn't like the poor music strung together. Poop on it. A weak 2-up for trying... to bore me to death.

von-Brunk responds:

A person with a short attention span such as yourself probably didn't even watch the whole thing. I'm guessing you glanced at the first two minutes of it, said to yourself, "Meh... Not enough Matrix and Star Wars references" and voted 0.

Get a job, hippie.

Nice a Mario movie without Mario!

I cant stand Mario movies theyve been done 2 much I like the fact that u actually changed the characters!


By the way, the very first music track, was nights in white satin. I love the moody blues :D I've never seen anyone use their music in a flash before :) The flash itself was good too though.


this is shweet. totally awesome cant wait for a the 2nd.

Will Julius make it? Yes he will!

Is this your first flash? If so, you got the power of flash, man. The graphics are great, but i noticed that Julius was an add-on to the Luigi sprite, which is okay. A needle in koopa's eye.......there's gotta be more action or violence! Anyways, you did good, man. You did good.