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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"

Not just another sprite movie

I was kinda just expecting another sprite movie with alot of mario world jokes. but this was so well done. the storie was almoast dramatic, the way the dialoge and music came together was superb. can't wait to see more from the adventures of Baron von Brunk.


I don't know which was better - this or "Sea Side Slaughter". Probably this one, considering that there's a bit more action and suspense! Additionally, the sprite animation and music was very nicely executed! One of the best sprite movies I've seen in a long time! I hope to see more from this series soon! KICK ASS!!!



I believe its another classic by JVB!! ...And also I dont wanna think, so I just put down all 10's


Overly long, not much really happens. Any action there is unimpressive, sorry dude, as much as I love mario...This wasn't all that great.

interesting concept

I agree the Koopa kids should be brought back to the mario series. The music despite what someone else comented was actually quite enjoyable especially the Beethoven to fit the character and the London symphony of Mario. The one I think didn't fit right was
"Night on bald Mountain" but hey it's your artistic style