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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"

Orginal or What

Best and most orginal mario movie.

Humour is the only thing to work on. But I have seen your other work so it isn't a problem.

Keep on doing what your doing.

holy shit thats sweet

how do u come up whit this stuff dude its a real movie...

only next time more humor !


It was ok. Its not the best or worst flash i ever seen. Didn't really have enough stuff that 'wowed' me into getting into it like i did in romtk. There was a couple of moments where that sparked interest in my mind and made me wonder what was gonna happen next. But just not enough of those moments.

C'mon! I wanna see the final part!!!!!!

I'm starting to like the whole series of JSTMK. Good luck defeating Bowser! I wanna see you kick Bowser's ass hardcore!


Great job. & good luck in saving the Mushroom Kingdom for real. Do you, as of yet, have an exact release date for "When Julius Comes Marching Home"? If so, when? If not, take your time, & make it as cool as posible. Excellent, & I hope you really send Bowser's ass into o-freakin'-blivion.