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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"


I was wondering what that big spike on his helmet was for! Good flash!

Fucking awesome

Loved the movie, you clearly put alot of effort into making it and it shows. The graphics were well done, Ludwig was the best looking sprite and I loved the way you made the backgrounds. The style as great, very original storyline. I love the whole war element. The music was pefect, and a great mix of video game and classical music. The "Redecortaing the Place" and "Pipeline Labyrinth" scene music were both fitting and catchy. There wasn't much interactivity beyone the scene select, then again, most flash movies don't have much either. The humor was fitting, like the stick around line. Overall, it's a great flash and I'm looking foward to the last one. I hope you'll give Wario or DK another cameo appearence. I've watched your other movies and they get better with every one. Pipeline Labrinth is by far my favorite.

For the fuckwads saying it's crap or boring, can you at least give a reason with a literate response? Otherwise you really should get a job like the Baron said instead of using your time watching flash movies all day. It sounds like you didn't even watch the movie and decided to troll.

A good movie, but get over yourself :P

While this was a very good flash movie, you have to try and take the criticisms in your stride a bit more. Just because someone hated your movie and is an idiot with the review, doesn't mean you should reply to their reviews with comments like "Get a job hippy", or " this is proof of what happens when you drop out of school" as it does you no credit. Otherwise I really loved it, keep up the good work.
PS - Maybe put a bit more work into the script next time and less on graphics.


two words, man: fucking awesome.

the whole series is awesome and i cant wait to see the next one, but please for the love of god take ur sweet ass tme wit it, you know? dont fuck it up. but, watching all your stuff makes me think that u cant possibly do that.

please, could u give me a clue of when the next one will be ready, if thats possible? id really appreciate it. love your work. geez now i sound like a sweet ass sucking up to you lol keep upthe good work

the baron kicks ass!!!


Not bad...

This was pretty good, but I wish there would've been more violence like the rest of the episodes. I can't wait to see the last episode. I'll bet it'll be good. And I have a good feeling Mario and Luigi will come back and kick some ass!... Right? Anyway, nice job and make the last episode the best one!!!