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Reviews for "Pipeline Labyrinth"


The koopa kids are now all dead... The baron has reached "Dark World"... He has to fight on his own now... So why isn`t there a new episode? Have you stooped making it or is it just too difficult to continue it? I really hope, you won`t give up now! Come on, it CANĀ“T end like that! I love the series and I`m looking forward to the "Boss Fight" for a very long time now. Please! I know, you can do it because, you made it far and you`re still great. I swear, I won`t miss the next exciting episode!


What can I say? That is amazing. Is there a part 2?

That was great

I'm a Ludwig fan also but I want to know what happens next because I can't find the next episode. Does Bowser lose as usual and if so how does he lose this time?


ive just been watching all this from ep 1 to this one, and im on the edge of my seat waitin for the next one, so keep up the good work, BARON VON BRUNK RULES!!!!

(( Nice work ))

this was notbad, i like the effort put into it, the size was not my friend so that you could work on, as for the rest it was fine with good detail and nice effort all around.

Besides working on the size it was great.

Nice flash good effort showen.