Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Wow that was soo nicely made

hahaha great stuff...hmm Rabbits voice should have been a little directed better...

hm I think the voice was right but maybe have more emotion...Idon'tknow for such great effort and quality you should have added more excitement through voice intonation

Great flash though...5 for sure!

Wonchop responds:

It's a tricky voice to pull off


who accually pays for flash? hahaha

Wonchop responds:

Strip club patrons


I love the moral! XD I love this so muchhhy! Goood laugh! Awesome!


Wonchop responds:


Cute and funny ^_^

Gotta love Bunnycat, though "Cabbit" is shorter :P Cabbits are uber-cute. Loved the Ninjas voice too :D

Gotta love being a fur ^_^

Wonchop responds:

But Cabbit sounds like Cabbage. Euck.

Pretty Good, Wonnie...

But I still think the first one was better. But, this was a very close second in likeness. I think I know something that's going on my favourite list. ^_^ Keep up the good work, and I'd like to see more Bunnycat's very soon. Peace.

Wonchop responds: