Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Rofl youve done it again Wonchop!

This is the funniest shit ive seen from you, next to Teagirl XD. But errrr... bunnycat O.o? Sounds freaky!!

Wonchop responds:

heh, you should've seen the first episode

tough cookies

that was preety funny yeah normally if it was bad i would say it belongs up godzilla's ASS! but im not so anyway good flash.

Wonchop responds:

That's good, cos Godzilla's ass smells.

Bunnycat...hes just a little guy :D

I thought it was awesome because it was clean humor, no profanity (except beeyatch...but w/e.) I didn't mind it being short because well...I dunno, I just like shorts sometimes. So keep it up, while I go get some ice cream.

Also that has gotta be the best theme ever :D

Wonchop responds:

whee k

Ice cream anyone?

I can't believe that he kept on licking it. How very nice.

Wonchop responds:

Lol, I'm so tempted to reupload this to a movie about penises at this review XD

Nice movie. Same rating as bunnycat1 just that...

I might actually eat dirty icecream for self protection and freak my friends out...hm...

Wonchop responds:

I see