Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Not what i expected...

no violence come on! that's what made the first one funny. well this one was still funny too, i've meet someone like that guy bunnycat met at the store. and give my regards to bunnny cat..........................and for the record.........................your mom
*Runs and hides in fear*

Wonchop responds:

My mum will Katamari yo ass XD

Someone needs his ritalin =D

Damn spazzingley Evil ninja D= stealing ice cream from poor litlle bunny cats these days , i wanna bet Ninja's work at Mc.Donalds and use AOL. *gasp*
Poor little bunnycat , though the Ninja was smart =D , he didnt say "your mom" ... mya ...... O_o ....... i'm begining to doubt about who's evil ...
*hides from Bunnycat*

Wonchop responds:

I need to know what that actually does


cuteness!!!! omg!!!!! hehe!!!

this doesnt help in ne way.... just to fortell u (and i dont care if fortell is a word!!!!)

Wonchop responds:



Aww how cute! Strange but entertaining. And I doubt anyone actually pays for their Macromedia Flash legally. Adorable theme song (if you can call it that). Cute graphics, and awesome story! Poor ninja!


Wonchop responds:



That was funny! I love it when tough people say "You win THIS round, but I'll be back" when they didn't even try that hard:)

Wonchop responds:

He never said he would be back. Allows for surprise, y'see