Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"


thats shit had flies on it oh he should have kicked that ninja in the gonads


I agree with the person before me, it may look simple, but it isn't. Don't criticize too hard unless you have tried it before and it came easy to you, and even then a little humility never hurt. Those who cannot do choose to criticize.

Anyway, another good flash, keep it up.

Well, I thought it was funny.

Plus the animation was really good. Everything was smooth and it was all in a very unique style.

To AniGen: Have you ever tried tweening something? I mean, its one thing to just make it move, its another to make it move WELL, especially when it has to be synched with so many other things, like in this movie. You should try it sometime. It really isn't as easy as you may think, animating in flash takes a long time, and a lot of fine tuning.

Again, great work!


The ending was kind of disturbing. It was funny though.

I've also noticed you've replied to every single review. Very few flash artists do that. Good job! You get an ice cream.

Wonchop responds:


Nice movie. Same rating as bunnycat1 just that...

I might actually eat dirty icecream for self protection and freak my friends out...hm...

Wonchop responds:

I see