Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

Bunnycat...hes just a little guy :D

I thought it was awesome because it was clean humor, no profanity (except beeyatch...but w/e.) I didn't mind it being short because well...I dunno, I just like shorts sometimes. So keep it up, while I go get some ice cream.

Also that has gotta be the best theme ever :D

Wonchop responds:

whee k


That was cute it reminded me of a video game character :) please make more episodes!

Wonchop responds:

heh, we'll see


Liked the style although the animation could have been better...too "bobby"

Wonchop responds:

bobby? O_o

Quite funny.

A breezy, funny entry. I can dig it.

Wonchop responds:

he's a complicated man
but noone understands him but his woman


I only have one complaint... It's too short... I loved it, really, but far too short.... Keep it up :)

Wonchop responds:

Well, what can I say? I'm a shorts maker.