Reviews for "Bunnycat 2"

I have one small complaint...


But the video's good =]


Wonchop responds:

While you're there, pick me up a tub of B+J's Phish Food.


Its true, ninjas are jerks. Like Naruto

Wonchop responds:

Don't get me started on Naruto. Obnoxious twat. <.<

It has ninjas, so it's automatically good.

And it's bloody hilarious too. I love the timing of the movements, altogether they create a very funny piece. The sound effects and voices were very well done. I especially love that foghorn sound when it shows the dirty ice cream. I loved the part where the Ninja tried to eat the ice cream through his mask and then did the ninja drop trick to escape, brilliant!

The tweening in general was great, but there were some bits you could have watched out for, especially the way the bunnycat's eyes seemed to be trying to escape all the time. If this was intentional, then it still looks a little strange when those pupils start to move in opposite directions.

The graphics were very good too. I love the no-lines look. Very clean and appealing to look at.

I like it a lot! Good work!

Wonchop responds:

I've always found directing pupil direction to be tough. For example when someone looks to his left, then looks down, the left eye moves from the left side to the bottom right, yet the right eye moves from the left side to the bottom left. It's all a bit confusing.

Ninjas are jerks.



Wonchop responds:


this movie is good for u if ur a stoner

this movie would b funny if i was a pothead but im not

Wonchop responds:

Must be a lot of potheads here