Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"

Good idea, needs work

It was way WAY annoying to go from the mouse to the keyboard, and on top of that, the MANUAL switching of the players. The game took to long just to get the players in position to keep me hooked. A little work and this game could be alot better.

it didn't count it

whenever i hit it and made it it always put it down as an X and didn't count the shot. I have no idea what that's all about but that kinda made it bad for me. So if u can get that fixed or something i dont know but yea pretty good game n e ways.

Good game

Nice game, but there are still plenty of things to improve. First, it´s annoying that you have to walk to the goal after you take a penalty. It is funny though that you can punch your opponent along the way, but that´s quite pointless. You can´t KO your opponent or anything, so the walking is just a waste of time in my opinion.

Second, well it would be nice if there some sort of competition in it. With different levels and such. Now you just take five penalties, save five penalties if you can and you´re done. Gets a little boring after a few matches.

Third, just some small details. Maybe you should draw lines on the field to make it look a little bit nicer. Also the balls stay on the field so in the end, the field looks like a mess. I think you should just make the balls vanish after the penalty is taken.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. Well it was a pretty good game. I liked the sounds and the music, and the graphics were very good as well. Anyway, I´m looking forward to your next football game. Keep up the good work.

nice game

i liked the hitting.

very funny indeed.

i HATE penalty games

but this was excellent, alot of fun, played it for ages! very good work!