Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"

Addictive, awsome game

WOW! it was such a tense game, and u added humor 2, awsome, absolutly awsome. MY 5 belongs to this!


Keep it up man! I love it!! (Favorites list)


well,that was a fun shootout soccer game,to get me ,in the world cup mode,fun and easy to play,the crowd was great it almost give you a sense of a real soccer game,but what i like the most was that you can also play goalie in most shootout game you just shoot and that it,so this add a little something to the game which make it more fun to play,well done i love it....

A Funny Little Football (soccer) Shootout Game.

A Great Game for reliving stress and fun all round. Should be a 2 player mode though.

Shoalin SOCCER!

haha I actualy am not a big fan of soccer but being able to walk to the goal and punch your opponent. It would have been alot cooler if there was like a 1 vs. 2 player mode.