Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"


Its average,it has a slight funness to it,but its not very hard and its repetitive.it was easy on hard mode...it doesnt have any replay value,but its a good game if you are really bored.

Quite good

Nothing special to say but one suggestion:

To me you should select power of the shoot before you actualy aim, thus adjusting the difficulty (speed of the shooting line). More you add power, harder it gets to adjust your shoot.

Good Game

This games was really good. I like that you can get into fights with the other guy

Great game

But theres no reason this shouldn't be two player.


Good game, you would of gotten a 3 on the votey thing and a 7 on this overall if and only if you had a mute!!!!!!!!!!!!! That made me so irritated. I was listening to my music, so fix that and it will be better.