Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"


sort of ok, completley medium

Good idea, needs work

It was way WAY annoying to go from the mouse to the keyboard, and on top of that, the MANUAL switching of the players. The game took to long just to get the players in position to keep me hooked. A little work and this game could be alot better.

kind of cool

i like it because the fighting so when you make a sequal make the fighting better and playing goalie easier

No crack?

Actually, it looked just like my "average penalty shootout game"... What was weird about that exept the fact that there was only one guy on each "team"? Two guys taking penalties in turn doesn't seem out of the ordinary. They didn't even seem high :S


i hated it personally. it was hard as hell to aim and to choose power. i wish you could pick where to aim, rather then clicking ur mouse and hope that u aim near the net. then power just click and hope u get a decent amount of power.and blocking was easy, but shooting hard as hell. the idea is good but i hated the shooting aspect because it was so hard to frickin aim.