Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"

SO addictiong

aim it barely to the right or left of the goaly and shoot at half power.

Not A Bad Shootout Game

The game was a little stupid knowing I could only block some shots. I always tied with getting one in and the opponent getting one on me. The song was also boring. Good sports game, I hope it goes in the sport game category. There should also maybe be a soccer mode if you can add that.

The greatest piece of visual art in human history!

Not really, i'm just joking. But nice Easter egg with the guys fighting.



Cool graphics, as well.

No crack?

Actually, it looked just like my "average penalty shootout game"... What was weird about that exept the fact that there was only one guy on each "team"? Two guys taking penalties in turn doesn't seem out of the ordinary. They didn't even seem high :S