Reviews for "Penalty Shootout Junkies"

that was good

but there were some bugs, like every now and then i get a goal and the goal sign comes up but on the score bored it said that i misssed, great game but fix up bugs thanks


Fits in perfectly with the world cup!

Graphics - Not really much to write home about, but they all worked and went fluidly.

Style - It's got to be one of the simplest and most addicting penalty shootout games I ever played.

Sound - Great sound effects, great music, and a great cheering crowd background.

Violence - Well the cork got smashed around a bit.

Interactivity - only clicks, but was nice and simple, which made this game as great as it is. The swapping sides part was done well.

Humour - Wasn't really in it but whatever.

I loved this game. Hope you keep making more games.


I thought it was ok, a nice little time waster. Not worth than a few plays though.

Graphics: They were pretty good. The menu and everything was very sharp, and well made. I could tell alot of effort was put into this. The rest of the game, however, was a bit too simple for me. Just circles that have arms pop out of them when being goalie just weren't that impressive. I guess it fits the rest of the game, though.

Style: Different from others like this, which is a good thing. Intersting take being the goalie and the shooter, however I found it a bit difficult and unpredictable being goalie while playing against the computer opponant. Still, nice style and fluid animation.

Sound: They worked well enough for this game, but they just seemed rather bland and overused. Almost like you just went to some stock sound site and picked the first ones you could find for cheering and the such. You could have had much higher quality as far as those went. Music, on the other hand, was very crisp in quality, but I found it a bit annoying at times.

Violence: None to speak of, that's a good thing.

Interactivity: Game, automatically high. The controls were pretty good, but like I said earlier, being goalie was a bit unpredictable, and sluggish.

Humor: None needed.

Overall this was a pretty good little flash game. Obviously not for anything hugely important, just a good little time waster and a show of skills. I suggest just slight improvements in graphics, and better choice as far as sounds are concerned. Poppy techno loops aren't always the best choice.

But all in all, this is just a time waster, and at that it far exceeds what would be needed. Good job.

Not Amazing but pretty good

There were some glitches and a few other minor things I disliked, however it was good. There seemed no point in rushing to the goal or pentaly spot. The punching was cool but useless.


Great game... Liked how you could punch your own oppenent!

Good job :D