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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"

Its new

I like it but wierd game. And why doesnt my name show up on the score list, i did pass one of the top scores.

ReduxGames responds:

On some machines, you need to refresh, or clear cache, It works for most, but some still don't for some reason, looking into it


today is saturday, not thursday as it says in the preloader. anyway... good game.

ReduxGames responds:


Fun game!

I really like the idea and the music. Good work!
The only issue is aiming - maybe having a center to the plop and it turns when you move the cursor within the plop would work.
Anyway, this might just be front page worthy!

ReduxGames responds:

THANKS, all comments are taken into account :)


That was fun, its definetly going into my favorites, very creative, even better graphics. Nice work, Nice work...

ReduxGames responds:

THANK YOU, I worked very hard to impliment all of the feedback from the previous version

Nice Game

for me, the scores seem to be not in the window all the way to the top but the game is good.

ReduxGames responds:

If u wait 5 seconds, they will scroll