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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"

good, but not as good as meltdown

i really dont like puzzle games like this so im trying not to be biased. i did not like this game but it is much better than most puzzle games so i am giving it the benifit of the doubt. you may want to add more to it though, its a bit simplistic, you know make more types of plops. pink plops that explode, black plops that kill all nearby enemies, im giving you some ideas here.


it was a bit hard to get at first, but once i got it it was a fun, maybe watching blobs dance around the screen at 1 in the mornin is the reason i like it so much. but all and all, sweet game.

ReduxGames responds:

HEHE, as long as you get used to it after a bit :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Had to drop some mula on licensing the songs ;) i think it was worth it :)

gay sex

good gameplay. i just want you to reply to this. woot. wow; i'm tired.

we're all going to die very soon. yeah?

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks man, incidently my fiance is watching broke back mountain right now...

it was plop i guess

it wasnt the greatest but im not into those type of games but i guess it wasnt too bad

ReduxGames responds:

2 each his own :)


but i dont get the scoring system

needs better instructions

great game tho

ReduxGames responds:

Quick game and harvest are local high scores, daily challenge online has ONLINE high-scores