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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"

dude this is the shit

i remember the last one that you made and it was off the hook now this new one. all i have to say is you deserve to have this as the #1 daly feature. congradulations

very fun!

i loved this game not for its gameplay (which was very nice, though i sorta suck at it) but for its crisp, colorful graphics. it looks like a lot of effort was put into making this, and it definately shows!

ReduxGames responds:

WOW. thanks alot , thanks to everyone , this is very cool,, I think I'm going to start coding my next game :)

Very creative!!

This is a definate original. There's so much gore out there now that it's a nice change to see something different. You've got a real knack for originality. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more.


YOU.... ARE.............GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAPHICS........ UNBERRABLE....... MAKING ME SPELSS ALL MSSED UP........ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game is awsome. it makes me want to hump my cat

ReduxGames responds:

Man.. spare the cat, SPARE THE CAT !!!!! :) thanks

Great Puzzle Game!

Wow! What a creative game. It definately has the excitement of an original idea. The graphics were actually quite cool! The sound effects fit well, and even the strange folk/country music was "dandy" for the game. The only downfall was.. the way the game is setup. Not that I'm saying you should change it, it just wasn't as fun. If anything, the "fun" came from the cool effects and originality.

BUT! you did a great job, so congrats with my 9.

ReduxGames responds:

hehe, some people love it some hate it, unfortunately thats how it is with these games :(, but thankfuly you've enjoyed some of the concept :)