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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"

Always liked these games

The plops games ahve always been some of my favorites... Truely Great work

Please keep it up!

I like it.

But I would like a way to cancel when I clicked the wrong plop, or want to be able to change my mind. Its kinda jumpy to the point where I HAVE to click them just to see what my options are, and of course, once I click, its perminent. Really irritating.

Otherwise, great game.

ReduxGames responds:

THANKS. I know what you are saying, but flash is limited to only one button, maybe if u hit escape it will cancel. I gotta think about it

Its super!

Its real good,
but im just wandering why i cant come one the highscores?
i went on level 4.spiders.....SPIDERS
and i got about 55000 why dont i come on the scores?
and if i saw wrong that it was 5500 then im still not in
the highscores(i look through all =))

ReduxGames responds:

hehe. sorry, there is a small problem with sorting of same scores, which should be fixed with a few days, also , if the server refreshes the levels while you're playing, it might not log the highscore, something i'm wroking on


Nice one I really liked the graphics, sounds and music fits perfectly and it was also an interesting game. This is a nice sample of a really good game.

ReduxGames responds:



I thought itd just be a typical puzzler, I was wrong, this is excellent. I dont think I saw anything as advanced, as creative or mind twisting in my whole life on this website! PRAISE THE LORD!

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks so much for all of you who realy took the time to understand it, just sux that there are trolls who give u 0z for nothing