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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"

i loved it

it was a really great game. i liked every bit about it even the music

my mouse is really bad and even tho it worked brillently better even than runescape =p you dont work for jagex by anychance?

ReduxGames responds:

THANKS!Nope dont know who jagex is :)

Nice game never seen anything like it!!

It was a good game but since it is called plops TOURNAMENT i thought you could play against other people but u couldnt so i was just giving u an idea maybe u could make a game where u can play against other people online i think that would be cool please tell me what u think about this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

ReduxGames responds:

WELL, you could play against other people, but for high-scores, kinda like SMB was back in the day :)


very not bad but it kinda hard on some lvl you cant find a very good game like this in these year

Its really good...

i just didnt really see to much new content(of course, maybee i missed sum).

Not bad.

You don't see very many good puzzle games like this one now a days.