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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"


Like the other one, very kewl B)

only 1 bug : i I was dead, the arrows were still visible on the main menu,

tnx for this nice game and grtz,

Decent game

The game was good. Good new concept, and the modes you could play were fun.

I hate to be this way, but

"I've spent like a week working 40 hours a day on this ;)"

There are only 24 hours in a day, buddy.

ReduxGames responds:


good, but not as good as meltdown

i really dont like puzzle games like this so im trying not to be biased. i did not like this game but it is much better than most puzzle games so i am giving it the benifit of the doubt. you may want to add more to it though, its a bit simplistic, you know make more types of plops. pink plops that explode, black plops that kill all nearby enemies, im giving you some ideas here.


All you do is move these circles around, there is no point to it. And for the high scores it is the same person all the way down. That guy needs to get a life.

it was plop i guess

it wasnt the greatest but im not into those type of games but i guess it wasnt too bad

ReduxGames responds:

2 each his own :)