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Reviews for "Plops Tournament DX"


That was fun, its definetly going into my favorites, very creative, even better graphics. Nice work, Nice work...

ReduxGames responds:

THANK YOU, I worked very hard to impliment all of the feedback from the previous version

gay sex

good gameplay. i just want you to reply to this. woot. wow; i'm tired.

we're all going to die very soon. yeah?

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks man, incidently my fiance is watching broke back mountain right now...


Loved the original. This fresh new concept is even better- the life meter is an excellent improvement, as once you draw close to the end and hit the side of the screen, you don't have to restart all the way to the beginning. The enemies and plants are also a really good addition, too- must have taken a bit of time to code everything but the effort really shows through.

Overall, very well-put-together: everything is streamlined beautifully, from the interface to the music. Stellar work, once again.

ReduxGames responds:

Gracias :!)

Very creative!!

This is a definate original. There's so much gore out there now that it's a nice change to see something different. You've got a real knack for originality. Keep up the good work. Hope to see more.

Awesome man

This game is unique and one of the best ive played, an i founds a lil glitch wich was pretty kool press right-click then play and the game back ground will go krazy wich is pretty kool.