Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

speed run of the win, the 3 date have be succesful, all my stats are to max (250 but the strength are to 255 because the last point have be gived in battle and have bugued), 1203.42 relationship point whit Nene, i am the more graded of my job (business tycoon), finish in only 70 days (for the last date) and whit around 353 $ and 2 <3flash in extra ^^

for the description of Nene she can ask to you in date, the list its here:

phone number: 204-783-4529

breast size: 78

tall: 165 cm

birthday: august 17

favorite anime: transals star anime

favorite band: intantious

favorite pie: potato pie

little job after school: clerk

zodiac sign: capricorn

number of brother: 2

waist size: 53

hip size: 86

IQ: 133

favorite shop: M bottlers

favorite cloth designer: dremio

blood type: A

its all for the info and for the player have be helped by them, im happy to help ^^

(ps: the more W.T.F of all this are this is the first sim date i finish and one of the three only i have )
(play more than only 10 <whit the 2 i have fastly leave because i have fail my hard mod run and )
(whit simgirls version 5.1 i have be no longer to finish but i have maked sh*t of anything and )
(finished whit a uncontrollable run in the 75%/90% finished game in the dooming XD, )
( )
(i possibely see you on the 2 for other help/info/hint ^^ BYE )

I actually saw Pico Sim Date 2 before this one, but I liked both of them. This one was a little bit harder because it was ONLY 75 days. But now it gets a lot easier beating the game. 10/10 ^^,

I've beaten the game on first try :) Pretty cool! You just have to make sure there's no wasted energy and invest early on a decent level of strength to handle the emo thugs when you talk with Nene. Don't do the free training (always use the -$ ones), so work and get your intel on a decent level too. Work your way up to President whilst patiently talking to Nene everyday. When you've earned enough str and int, work on your charm using your $$. Memorize all her info before you take her out on a date and make sure you have the items! When on the date, talk and answer questions correctly, give gifts, and take photo (in that order). Use the 60MP skill on Cyc twice and it's game over~

I love this game but I would love two things

First that we can save
And then the other one is a bug, I died against Cyclop and I begin a new game. But when I'm going to sleep, it count as 20 days ! :o

I love this game, took me forever to be able to complete all 3 dates and make it to the end of the year dance. Plus it took me fucking forever to beat Cyc.