Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

Pretty awesome. :D
Only need a save game buttons.

Pretty easy and boring... it's ok I guess

this game is awesome! the twist at the end was shocking and I killed the final boss by spamming "BLAM!" three or four times first time around he was my bitch.

I finally won.....I DID IT! For once in my life .......*sob*...i'm not weak ..but strong instead.*single tear going down my face*

I like this pretty well there's a few glitches I played this 3 times first got to the end lost to the boss. Tried to replay the first time and every time I went to sleep it jumped 2 days. Then on the 3 time playing it was going great had my first date by day 60 and started getting more strength to be read for the boss and went to sleep on 65 and it says 66 but sun never came up and it must be frozen. And I was looking forward to the end. I think to its hard to get her stats on her likes and so on. even talking asking she only told me 3 things about her before the date. It takes some thinking at first your stats go up so slow. unless you get smarter to get promoted so you can pay to get the higher stats. but the glitches are a pain hope they are fixed soon