Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

This game really makes you earn it. Word of advice: Spend the beginning getting intelligence and cash. With that cash you can get your stats up faster. After that, just spend until like day 35 just getting your stats as high as possible. Everything else will be a breeze.

I was just starting to date her, and I had a good system going after an hour playing... When the game froze and I could do nothing but "kiss" her, lowering my heart percentage thing. Refreshed the page, rip me. Otherwise, a fairly well-done game, but with no obvious save option and having to restart entirely because of a bug, I'd be hard pressed to rate higher. (I'll probably come back and give it another shot though... Hoping that bug doesn't happen again)

This game is surprisingly really fun. If you want advice, put all your stats in intelligence at first and keep building it up and going for promotions to build up money, once you have CEO you are pretty set but if you want to max your intelligence then there is one more promotoin that you have a 25% chance to get with max intelligence. Then build up charm to max and its pretty easy to date her afterwards. Max your strength afterwards, you'll need it. I don't want to explain everything since that's unfair to the developer , it took me two tries with this method. Enjoy :)

Never was really into dating sims but this is just too fun and lovable of a game not to like. one of my favorite old flashes!

NO! Pico is a blood thirsty psycho!