Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

I played this a long time ago. Was very difficult. I liked the tagline that you used. And also, I had fun beating the final boss and I loved the pokemon style battle.
I would also like to say, that one line had more cheese on it than an XXL cheesy pizza.

good game lol

・Unique theme. (Sim date that uses Pico Series's Characters.)
・Arts are good.
・You can Grind Relationship Points By using E-mail.

・This game doesn't have Save Feature.
・This game has Only One Female Character. (Nene)
You Can't date Other Female Character.


This was ok, but abit hard to work your way around, maybe a slightly easier version, but its a fun game with neat ptions, keep up the good work. maybe some easier options it did seem a bit hard, but you have a decent little game here I look forward to more

An easier level.


Cool but hard AF