Reviews for "Pico Sim Date"

It was funny game until dates. Then she started asking me about things she never told me... I was in the pit. I had no idea how much she wants me to know about her. She started to repeat old things. i heard 10 times about pie but she didn't tell me about her family

Was successful on all three dates, had all the answers to all the date questions, I was able to skip to day 75 at day 63. I decided that instead of working out, I would just mess around. Day 75 came and some Neo-Nazi destroyed me and I got a game over. This game is great.

Actually managing to complete this game gives you such a sense of accomplishment that afterwards you'll always regard it as a good game.

This is a great game and almost everything is perfect. I love the plot, the game play, and the ending. The only reason this doesn't get a full 5 stars is that it is a little too hard for people to get into that give up easily, I am glad that I stuck through 5! play-throughs on this for that ending. Keep msking quality content, Moosh, my good man.

What i can say about this game? yes, good game
- Dating Simulator duuhhh
- Battles
- Skills, and the Blam skill, soo funny!

- srls, nothing