Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

awesome gameplay and flash quality

loved it
top quality game


This is a beautiful game, and not just graphics-wise, though the aesthetics are amazing by themselves. It's challenging but not impossible, unique but not incoherant, and the directions are thorough and helpful. The music reminds me of training minigames on old PS titles, which just aids the overall affect--this could hold its own on a game console. Watch out, Tetris.

For those having trouble with Training 1--don't try to put them in straight lines. There is a solution, you just have to work for it. No glitches, just a tough puzzle, and you'll shout with glee when you get it. (Well, if you're as big a dork as I am, anyway.)

Great Game

This was a great game and very addictive. For those having trouble with the final exam, my first moves were moving the gray block up, moving the blue joker up, moving the blue rune down and moving the green joker over between the purple and orange anchor. Moving the green joker is key because it frees up the orange joker to use on the bottom orange anchor without taking out the purple one. Hope this helps.


This game is really good, but can you even pass the bonus level?! I have like 6 blocks remaining, I can't do it :"(. Somebody should like tell me if they beat the bonus level, but I'll keep trying.

nice gmae

nice game
good graphics :)