Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


i'm a fcking moron -.- i can t even get past training 1 !!!! xD
it's a gr8 game never saw nuffin like it here in NG

But i can t even get past TRAINING 1 !!!
i'm a big fat moron...-.-

Keep up the gr8 work xD

Good Game but...

I hate it when people give long reviews that make constructive points or observations that explain whats wrong or right with a submission! Why do people constantly send in reviews that MEAN something!? And now on to the actual review, which submitting reviews is actually used for,
Graphics:Very good, smooth, graphics that move nicely, looks really nice.
Style:I actually thought this to be by far on of the best puzzle games I have ever played, though could have had a little extra kick into it for an extra boost of fun, though due to me having no clues what, good job!
Sound:I just liked it, it wasn't a sound masterpiece, but I don't believe it was supposed to be. The sound was good, and deserves a good store.
Violence:I know this is streching it, but its only a 1, and if you ask me, nothing should ever be a 0, YOUR KILLING THE BOXES!
Interactivity:For a puzzle, its well played out, but there could have been a few extra keys, like maybe a retry hotkey.
Humor:I don't know why but this game makes me chuckle a bit as I play it. Chuckle:The man giggle.
Overall: I did enjoy this very much, but the lack of hotkeys and having to watch the level intro after each retry made me lower the overall score to a 10 XD
Good Job, I love this puzzle game!


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great game make more. PS. can some one help me with advanced training 3

Good Puzzle Game

This was a challenging, entertaining puzzle game.