Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Loved it!

This game was brilliant! It seriously looks, and feels like a PSP game. The graphics are just stunning. Please, I beg of you, make more!


Reminiscent of Intelligent Cube for the first Playstation.

Great graphics, great game!

Wow! Those graphics are beatiful! But the game is hard! Maybe I just suck at these kinda games--:/
Yea. The music never got annoying, even though I had to listen to it over and over. Cool game!

Excellent game, very challenging

Terrific game with the best graphics for its class I've seen and extremely challenging. Perhaps discouragingly so in the early levels, it would probably have been better to make the learning curve more gradual to keep from scaring people away before they're hooked. Down points are the sound which gets very annoying and I'd have liked to see the character move faster. Those are minor gripes though and if you're any kind of puzzle fan, check this game out. I especially liked the difficulty of final exam, emerald 404 and bonus stage, very well done!

If you're stuck on the bonus stage, here's a few hints:

Consider this stage a 7x7 Grid since blocks pushed outside that area can't be pushed any more. Top to bottom are rows A-G, left to right are columns 1-7 so you start on square D8 (outside the grid).

-Blocks C7 and E7 are useless, push them together to get rid of them.
-Block B6 goes to square A4
-Block C4 eventually needs to go to D4
-Blocks F3 and F4 shouldn't be broken by other blocks

If you're still stuck, here's the solution:


this game was very well made, and preety difficult too, im upto the last 2 levels, and i give up :S but this game deserved its award there, cant wait too see what else you can come up with