Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Probubly the best of its kind

Really adictive, I didn't get ahold of it until about 12 minutes into it. Music off button would be nice, The music got kind of annoying. The graphics were great though. This really was an awesome game though. I'm going to play until I finish it.


That is one hard puzzle

It really frustrated me at first, but now im kind of pro... YEAH!
this is great game, and VERY hard

Frustrating but addictive

I have a list of things I want to do before I die, and I just added completing this to the list.

I love how difficult CuberXtreme becomes. I can feel the my brain muscles flex as I pass each stage.

Great game

I love this game, some puzzles were frustrating but very rewarding when you actually complete it, however that bonus stage is just too tough for me, i'm still trying to beat it x_x Overall this is a great game!

Wow, hard o_O

~The good~

Right off the bat you notice the stunning 3-d graphics that can make you drool. The controls are completely perfect and the level design looks hard, yet interesting. You also have a wide selection of levels to suffer through.

~The bad~

The big thing is, well, THIS GAME IS JUST SO DAMN HARD! Wow, I got to the third training level, took one look, and just gave up. Also, an annoyance in this flash is the music that loops, it could get rather troublesome.

Overall, an amazingly graphicly capable game that plays absolutely smoothly, I just wish you made it easier for us normal folk.