Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

Extremely Difficult

But I loved it. I just finished the bonus stage, which took over an hour to figure out...just don't do the obvious. That's my only clue. The exam level was wicked hard, just keep at it and you'll figure it out. Awesome game kept me busy nearly my whole day at work.


????????? Im Stuck Already Im Only On Training!!!


Probubly the best of its kind

Really adictive, I didn't get ahold of it until about 12 minutes into it. Music off button would be nice, The music got kind of annoying. The graphics were great though. This really was an awesome game though. I'm going to play until I finish it.



I put humor at a score of 10 since this game was so tough I was laughing my ass off and crying when I finally finished that level. This game is one of the most difficult puzzle games I have EVER encountered. The only thing I could offer to improve on is if the level is already ruined when you've made a mistake it shouldn't let you continue and notify you that you need to restart. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to challenge myself on this game, Good job man.. good job.

Cool game!

I got to advanced training level 1. Yay. Training level 1 ois had but if you think about it long enough you can figure it out. HEre is a breakdown on how to beat it. You move the middle yellow block down 1 square and then move the blue block above it down one square. Then move the yellow block on the left down 1 square and push the blue block over to its friends on the right and move the yellow block to the left. Good luck on the higher levels! =]