Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

good game

i agree with spak it was kinda hard but to beat training 1 push the lower green block on the left side down then the blue on the left down then the last green on the left down now push the lonely blue all the way right to get rid of the three blue and push the solo green all the way left to get rid of the other three green ^_^


Graphics 9/10: Nice job! The animations were very smooth, and the graphics worked very well for this type of game.

Style 10/10: What else can I say? It was a fun, yet frustrating at the same time. A good game and concept.

Sound 6/10: The sound was alright, but it did get a little redundant at times. I suggest that, if you were to update this I'd put in more music.

Violence 0/10: A flat out 0. Fortuently, this isn't a bad thing because it isn't that type of game. Not all games need violence to be good, such as this one.

Interactivity 10/10: Not only does this game require moror functions, but some of the puzzles take a great deal of thinking.

Humor 1/10: Well, there isn't much humor in this, unless you get kicks from some guy pushing blocks around.


Overall 9/10: Overall this was a great game! There isn't much for improvement except having the music change up once in a while, such as if you don't complete a puzzle a certain amount of times in a row. Perhaps you should also consider adding a hint button, or a button that shows you how to do it. It may alleviate some of the frustration this game induces.


after like 5 hours i beat it damn it was ill but hard. felt jipped though, no ending whatso ever, hence the nine, but still it was ill.


for some reason this reminds me of I.Q. for the PS1....gawd i loved that game.....kudos my friend job well done here.....too bad there no ending reward thing =\ maybe a video of the dude flying through space to the next cube universe i dunnoo.....something!

That was hard

Very fun little puzzle game. The graphics were amazing, as well as everything else. I got stuck though..