Reviews for "CuberXtreme"


good game my friend its awesome bit hard logically but its pretty good

Cool game!

I got to advanced training level 1. Yay. Training level 1 ois had but if you think about it long enough you can figure it out. HEre is a breakdown on how to beat it. You move the middle yellow block down 1 square and then move the blue block above it down one square. Then move the yellow block on the left down 1 square and push the blue block over to its friends on the right and move the yellow block to the left. Good luck on the higher levels! =]


yah i love puzzles and all but i couldnt even get past training level one! i mean come on! dont start us off too hard mate.


I can't get past training one, it's just simply to hard for me. Eugh thats upsetting.

Oh my God.

I must really be stupid, I can't even pass training level 1. If that's how hard the official first level is then this game is way too hard, for me. After reading reviews many people seem to be getting to the high levels with ease, that's where I get the impression i'm stupid. Low interactivity in that game is one problem, so is the difficulty level. I don't even know why I bother writing a review when you're one of those people who makes an account, submits something nice, and then just never comes back. Whatever i'm whacked out from this game.