Reviews for "CuberXtreme"

really good game

very logical brain teaser. it's a good game when you wanna exercise your brain a bit. Good job!


good game my friend its awesome bit hard logically but its pretty good

Cool game!

I got to advanced training level 1. Yay. Training level 1 ois had but if you think about it long enough you can figure it out. HEre is a breakdown on how to beat it. You move the middle yellow block down 1 square and then move the blue block above it down one square. Then move the yellow block on the left down 1 square and push the blue block over to its friends on the right and move the yellow block to the left. Good luck on the higher levels! =]


yah i love puzzles and all but i couldnt even get past training level one! i mean come on! dont start us off too hard mate.


I can't get past training one, it's just simply to hard for me. Eugh thats upsetting.