Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

aahh....the old doom :D

I miss old games from 1980s/1990s. I use to enjoy playing 2d games as a kid, especially the adventure games. I wasn't that great at doom, mostly I've been watching people play with Doom, and I use to play it with a partner (multiplayer game), lol, I'm too chicken to play alone. the video was kinda funny, especially the part when the guy that acted like a kid went 'Zapzap!' lol!! that was funny, lol

LMAO this was great

Funny as hell i dont play much wolfenstine or Doom so it was all random to me, all the better cos it was really funny, nice work with the graphics and the sound was good too.


Must be the funniest movie I've ever watched. Simple graphics, smooth animation and a plot that beats all past events. The audio is pretty nice as well, not what I'd have expected when watching a Doom movie, but it somehow fits in with the theme, keep it going!



its been a long tiem since i played doom and i sucked at it but i can apreciate work like this keep it up 4/5


Bam! Don't interrupt me!