Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

I have given you 10's

0's were inefficiant. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

very funny

This is a Very funny movie.



You had some amish dude in the begining. Oh yeah, i'm still high, so bear with me...fuck this shit's strong...

Oh yeah, so random comments while i was watching:

nice, you killed bill gates...or someone
hey, a redneck!
oh man, hating on jews, cool...
whoa fuck, i'm tripping all over this hell scene...
fucking retards
fuck it, i stopped paying attention

von-Brunk responds:


Probably over most NGers heads

This probably flew right by most of the people who visit newgrounds, but I actually played the original mario-hacked version of commander keen, and I know a little about the Doom creators' history, so this was pretty darn funny. I'll have to check out the book this is based on. Nice job, but your artwork and animation have a lot of room for improvement.


ID with Wolfenstein basicly created FPS and Doom made it what it is today, both are huge benchmarks in video game history. So I was thinking this would be some sorta tribute so I have to admit I was sorta dissapointed. I understood all this because I grew up playing the old school Wolfenstein and Dooms, people who haven't might not think this flash is very good. I'm not saying it sucked, I enjoyed it and even showed it to my friends, I think it just could have been better. I guess I was exspeting (sp?) to much ahead of time.

von-Brunk responds:

It wasn't meant to be so much of a tribute to the games, as it was to the creators. If you read Masters of Doom, it will make more sense.