Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

DOOM = Best Game in the World

Freakin crap you make me want to go play some DOOM 3 or some Quake 4... but my graphics driver is broken cuz i tried to download a new one... shit... oh well, I didn't think it'd be based on DOOM until i started watching, that was bad ass...

von-Brunk responds:

Glad to hear you're a fan of Doom. I wasn't really impressed by Doom 3, I prefer the original, though. My graphics card blows too, so it's retro gaming for me.

HAHA! ZZzzzap! Zap!

I know all about ID and their oldest games, as a retro fan. Seems like you do too. And I hate Pepsi too.. Man I love you, cant wait for the next episode.


I have been an all-time fan of Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Commander Keen. I mean, somebody should make more parodies on Doom; and they should have some Wolfenstein 3D parodies on Newgrounds along with commander keen!


that was awsome. PLS MAKE MORE
UR AWWSOME THAT MOVIE PWNED all the other doom spoofs

My favorite flash of yours!

Out of all the flash I've seen that you've made, this is the finest. The animation and graphics are fantastic, and of course so is the humor. Nice to see we have someone here who knows their history, what with Martin Van Bruen appearing. Keep up the good work!