Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"

Awsome movie but have special question

please please tell what movie was the part on the T.V taken from. You know the one were that guy shoots the three headed sand worm. I saw that movie like 6 years ago and have been wanting its name ever since. can't believe you had it in your flash, thats flipping cool.

von-Brunk responds:

It's actually a mix between Tremors and Beetlejuice. Tremors is a movie about giant worms in the desert, and in one scene, a giant worm breaks into a crazy redneck's (named Burt) basement wall, and he shoots the crap out of it and says, "Broke into the wrong god damn rec-room, didn't you ya' bastard!". However, in this cartoon, we used the giant striped sandworm from Beetlejuice as sort of a fanboy reference (since you never see references to either movie, we decided to combine both).

Haha, great job.



I liked it. Didn't understand everything like the robot guy or the special ed. guy, but it made me laugh.


ITS REALLY AWESOME ! XD HAHAHAH ROFL ! If you wanna understand all you must know total DOOM and History of ID SOFT or must play DOOM MP (ZDaemon or Skulltag)


lol greeattttttttt