Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


It's kinda Ironic that I was just playing the Original Doom yesterday. It's funny that you addedd the bill gates thing. I saw that a few days ago. "Don't interupt me"

von-Brunk responds:

Just out of curiousity, where did you see the Bill Gates Doom video? Mike Lombardo, the co-creator of Masters of Doom is the guy who originally found the video and put it on the internet. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it (and understood the Bill Gates joke).



"he took a deep breath. then he handed bill gates a shotgun."

good job, almost a flash summary of the whole thing :)


Oh my goodness, that was wonderful! I've been playing DOOM ever since 1993 (and still do), and I just loved this one. Great work! ^_^


i have wondered that is this gonna have masters of doom 2 or sumthin or is it just a single parody.oh yeah and about this, FUN AS HELL!

i love how its the guitar solo from instruments of destruction for the one hting