Reviews for "Masters of Doom!"


that was great i loved it can't wait till the next 1 (can't think of anything 4 u 2 improve)
keep up the good work
o yeah and the masters of doom the animated series thing i think was shown 1 2 many times it started 2 get annoying

Good job

That was great stuff i love DooM

Fuckin' a!

Damn, that was efficient!

Some of the best on Newgrounds.

This is a very well made flash cartoon that really pushes flash-cartooning to its potential. Instead of just old Street Fighter sprites doing something dumb, it's original, it's fresh, it's great. It has the excellent graphics and sound that we've come to expect from anything of yours. The story is good, it's deep, but not so complex that you had to have written the book and/or made the cartoon to understand.

If every cartoon was as well put together as this, Newgrounds would be a better place. I salute you, Mr. Brunk.

Bloody Excellent....Quite Literally

That movie was great! loved every bit of it......when is episode 2 coming out???