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Reviews for "XTC Xtreme 3"

Pure Genius!

Oh, damn, I couldn't stop laugh! Only X-naut can get away whit the turds!
Congrats, man! XD

ViceFullbuster responds:


NOW I GET IT!!!!!!

I watched it over and over again because it looked oddly familiar.
(and I DON'T mean the black guy and his wang!)
Then I got it: it's a Gundam SEED parody! The Sword Strike Gundam
does the same pose....

ViceFullbuster responds:

:o you are smarter then beyond your balls


Difficult to buy trousers just off the peg to contain all that though.


that is some hilarius shit you made there that is perrity good.

ViceFullbuster responds:



If I was you right now... I'd be dieing laughing after puttint hat clip with that music then see all the reviews! HAH I'd be laughing so hard i'd cry. haha. Although the stupid shit gets old. This doesn't lol!

ViceFullbuster responds:

that i am,that i am. ;)