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Reviews for "XTC Xtreme 3"

Cho Aniki and Happy Negro...

...let me combine them for you.


Another episode in a truly epic series, heh, nice combination of graphics and random movement, as amusing as always, keep up the good work!


sheer randomness

i laughed really hard, because this was very unexpected. but it was so pointless again, that i can't give a higher score. and it was too short.

That was new

What anime/cartoon was that from becuase I've never seen anything so graphic on T.V. Again, even though that gave me a good laugh, it was pointless like most of your flashes. You have to work on that. penispenispenispenispenis!


Well, this was definitely a differnt XTC flash then what I'm used to seeing I'll give you that. I have no idea waht anime that's from and I don't want to know where's it'sfrom, first of all. I'm rating this as a flash though,and all it is is that movie clip with some sound that you added in. Going by that, you definitely could've done better. You at least put a preloader in.