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Reviews for "XTC Xtreme 3"

HAWT ASS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!1

You sir are a master of the art of flash. Teach me.

ViceFullbuster responds:

Teach yourself dickhead

Oh, by the way...

The composerĀ“s name is Aram Ilich Khachaturian, just in case that hasnĀ“t been mentioned before...

ViceFullbuster responds:

No it's Ear Rape,STOP LYING!

i can watch that all day

hahaha good job

ViceFullbuster responds:

Cause you are offically gay.

i lol'd

... an uncircumcised man getting a boner... how VERY interesting...

good job X-Naut and that other dude :-)

and we need a Beast Boi EP5!

What really makes it creepy is the Gershwin.

So, you want to make a movie about <SPOILER ALERT> Some guy whipping out a 10 foot perfectly cylindrical and oddly flexible penis to what, if memory serves is a Gershwin tune? No. Just please god no. The worst part is the music, which makes it seem as if he's at his job or something. Why would you do this to us?

ViceFullbuster responds:

Funny ghey review